MetaSpark: the platform that allows you to manage all your work in one place

Centralize your employees’ tasks in one place, and use that data to measure employee performance and engagement.

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Task Centralization & Streamlining

Quantify progress
towards diversity & inclusion objectives

Enable your employees to get their critical work done using one easy-to-use system. No more jumping between different systems that do not talk to each other. No more tasks lost in the fray of managing multiple software tools. MetaSpark eliminates the mayhem by merging all your employees’ key tasks into a single dashboard. Everyday tasks such as email follow ups, expense report reviews, document signatures, employee requisitions, vendor approvals – all of them are completed via our unique interface.

Performance Management

Performance evaluations, without the bias

Unearth your people’s true performance. Our inherent, subconscious biases make it hard to fairly evaluate performance. MetaSpark uses its unique AI to remove these biases. We use dashboards and data, rather than gut feelings, to identify which employees and teams are engaged and contributing. Even employees who are working remotely.

Performance Incentives

Your employees deserve
to be rewarded

Reward employees who make the biggest impact. Traditional bonus programs struggle to accurately match incentives to performance. MetaSpark uses real performance data to offer micro-incentives called “Sparks.” As employees make small contributions toward goals and OKRs, they earn these Sparks. As they continue to contribute, the Sparks add up to meaningful rewards. And once they have earned enough, employees can choose a reward they feel is the best fit for their hard work.

Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusive, positive culture, driven by rich analytics

Ensure diversity and inclusion across your organization. You no longer have to guess at which employees are well included. Or whether diversity hiring goals are being met. MetaSpark’s AI delivers quantitative insights into how included your workforce is in their teams. And our AI allows you to set diversity hiring goals, and measure whether they are actually being met.

Easy Adoption + Integration

Efficiency and productivity gains from the minute you start

Get success from the very start. We know that adoption is one of the biggest obstacles to making new software work. MetaSpark was designed from the ground up to be easy to use. Your people don’t need to be trained – our unique application card interface is so intuitive that they can jump right in. And as far as integrations goes, we’ve got you covered with 50+ pre-built integrations. If you use a popular platform, odds are we already have an integration for it.


All your systems, connected

Centralise all your employee’s key tasks into one dashboard. And get the analytics and reporting you need to understand how both teams and individuals are performing. Connect MetaSpark into your existing tasks and metadata with 50+ integrations across all the tools your company uses. No more alt-tabbing between a dozen different programs or managing an unwieldy set of Chrome tabs. With MetaSpark’s powerful integrations, everything your employee’s need lives in one central location.


Data security you can trust

Don’t sweat for a second about your data’s security. We use industry-leading measures to secure your important information. And, MetaSpark is built on Microsoft Azure, ensuring the most secure infrastructure to keep your data safe.

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